Jordan & The Gigolos


A brand new studio recording from Jordan & the Gigolos.

A brand new recording featuring Zak Barrett, Roberto Manzin, Mark Norton, Paul Higgs, Josh Law, Rob Rickenberg, Emily Lynn and Jordan Marsh.

‘I’ve only ever recorded my own material and I really wanted to record a covers album. Some of the songs are familiar numbers for us as a band and some of them we had never played before. I talked them through with the guys and we went into the studio and played them pretty much live with minimal overdubs. It’s the only way to work! It’s also very quick.  We had five tracks down on the first day and six down on the second day’ – JM

There’s been huge interest in the CD at recent live events where they have been on sale already, and now you can buy online too.

‘There’s some great old tunes on there from the likes of Chuck Berry, Dr Feelgood and Van Morrison. We had a blast recording it!’ – JM. 

  • 01

    Choo Choo Ch’Boogie

  • 02

    Johnny B. Goode

  • 03

    Reminds Me Of You

  • 04


  • 05

    No Particular Place To Go

  • 06

    In The Wee Wee Hours

  • 07

    Cantaloupe Island

  • 08


  • 09

    I Shall Be Released

  • 10

    Sea Cruise

  • 11

    Watermelon Man


53986 JORDAN MARSH front
53986 JORDAN MARSH back

£10.00 + £2.00 postage & packaging